style comment

Hey Capn’ America, what’s with the red neckties?

Bankers used to sport blue or silver now, just look at the photos, it’s red. The red the President wears. The same red some of the protection agents wore Inauguration day. I’m sure there is a style maven out there who can tell me how this works. Somebody must have the job of sending the coded message to favored partners, red tie tomorrow.

I suppose the thinking is to demonstrate how close you are to the boss, that he doesn’t have to lie awake at night worrying you are a secret dissident. The return to vestimentary language is all part of the swashbuckling approach of these corporate pirate kings, the ones destroying our earth to find all the money they can get.

Of course tucked away in the hills south east of Toulouse France I’m too comfortable for words, or should be, only now that the land I was born, England, is sniffing Uncle Sam’s armpits and wagging its tail and our peninsula is threatened with disruption by Ted Malloch on one side and Kremlin Gremlins the other I find suddenly it’s time to look and tell, ask and see.

Burn your neckties!