Fantasia for armchair


The reign of the people of many colored hair is coming to an end in a welter of consumer selfishness, concentrating down to a hard knot of military-industrials and their regalian adjuncts.

The protestant virtues  are no longer needed in a supa automated world – other values like group think, effacement of self, herd communication come out top which is why islam, fundamentally mendacious, has the mass.

I see a broad muddy lane stretched out towards a pale, empty horizon. On my left is what was once a car but now is wheel less. To the right a makeshift fence made of pallets partly hides a low brow cottage. Where am I?

Central europe – the mindless muddy wasteland, bogs, putrid lakes, forests being destroyed by proto capitalists and all the undead and the buried horrors of the wars and state murders of the last two hundred years. Central Europe, the place people if they have any spark wish to move out from. The part of the world where neanderthal interbreeding with homo sapiens lasted longest.

Dust has not settled, wet, gluey, poisoned dust after the collapse of the Communist building. Western Ukraine, Poland, Hungary are beefing themselves up as nationalist, authoritarian, catholic against the soft liberal elitist mass of the Brussels European project.

The Americans are interested, always have been. They supported Ukrainian Nationalists as late as the middle 1950’s. Strong sympathetic juntas hard up against Russia’s side ready to be one half a pincer to nip off the useful bits of Europe (the mercantile triangle in the north-west). The other half of the pincer will a Brexit Britain keen to have an authoritarian barrier between itself and the hordes from Africa.

Germany, god bless her, hovers. Shall she come down on the side of the hards or the softs? Meanwhile Austria has spotted the gap and nipped in – the first state to have deployed the army against the immigrants. No doubt somewhere in a Carpathian health resort her generals are meeting in mufti with those of Hungary and Poland in order to construct a seamless security mechanism.


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