Livres fall from trees, almost.

Just across the Canadian border has a resonance, read the passage in Isaac Bashevis Singer’s Love and Exile . Think of those draft dodgers. Or the wild red men in the woods, speaking bastard French. The American way of life just the other side of the Bridge, or the Falls.

There is something about Canadian airspace. In the last War they shipped out adolescents from England to learn to fly bombers somewhere when they crashed it wouldn’t matter. J.G. Ballard did flight training there as he tells in The Kindness of Women  not long after.

It is where we’ll probably get the Green Men. But Amazon as got there first. Under Gur Kimchi (even his name smells future) their  Prime Air service is being perfected with a cock the snook towards the US Federal Aviation Agency regulations.


Gur’s costume makes no concession to the tired old suit’n’tie execs. They are passing over and good riddance. The speed these guys move at ties would always be snagging. What he wears is kind of outdoorsy but like a rebel chief might sport, tough informal. Amazon merging terrorism logistics with get-rich-capitalism all to fix the “want it now” of the  delivery junkie. And on the pavement squads of one breasted street-reps rollerblading to receive the drops and letting the clever craft muss their hair.


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