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When you thought about it it was almost philosophical. Two things can’t occupy the same space at the same time. That was what the cop was saying to the political demonstrator. overlap was conflict, conflict was overlap whether people bullets people people bullets bullets. two or more things wanting to be in the same place at the same time.

A bullet stands for, “I am there, not you”. A bomb is more like, “We are there, not you”.

Along with this conundrum, how can two entities occupy the same space at the same time and its obvious solutions liberating enormous energies that normally bound society and kept things in their categories were the manoeuvres, the principal one being masquerade – the plain clothes agent provocateur and much rarer, the fake cop.

It was only when in fact a high frequency of searches for equipment and apparel suppliers was monitored coming from the usual suspects that this practice was noted, well before any serious use of it had been made.


Mort de Rémi Fraisse : une communication officielle parcellaire
Problèmes de communication au sommet de l’Etat ou vaine tentative de dissimulation ? L’exécutif est sous le feu des critiques depuis la mort de Rémi Fraisse sur le site du projet de barrage de Sivens, dans le Tarn.

Alexandre Pouchard et Delphine Roucaute


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